Partiv has been made to help you find the perfect home, no matter where in the world you want to live.

With more than 300.000 apartment buildings, condominiums and housing projects in our index, we are on the way to become the world’s biggest directory of home properties.

Focus on location

Most developers, agents, housing associations etc. focus on the size of their properties and how they look, but here at XX we also try to focus on the location of the properties.

We focus on location because it means a lot how far you have to commute to work, how far you have to go for shopping and how far away the childrens school is.

Location matters so much, that research have found out that the daily commute time matters more for our happiness than the size of our homes!

Bicycles above cars

It’s no secret that we would love to see more people walk or bike to work instead of taking the car.

We therefore focus on showing the commute time for all kinds of transportation. We also try to highlight how easy it is to get around in the property neighbourhoods without a car.

There are three reasons we would like to see more people walking or cycling:

  • It makes all of us happier and healthier if we walk or bike instead of taking the car.
  • You save a lot of money by walking or cycling – and so does society. Here in Denmark, research have found that it costs society €0.50 for every km you drive, while only costs society €0.08 for every km you bike.
  • Too many lives are massacred in the traffic every day because people drive instead of walking or cycling. Globally more than 3.400 people die in traffic crashes every day! – and countless others die because of the pollution created by cars.
  • Finally it is of course super fantastic for the environment if you walk or bike instead of taking the car (including if you drive an electric car).

Who is running Partiv

The main person behind Partiv is Mads Phikamphon, who’s daytime job is programming. Before Mads became a programmer, he studied architecture, so he has the perfect background in both construction and IT to run Partiv.

Mads is totally into cycling. He has previously been head of a large international cycling website and his almost never updated Instagram is full of bikes.

Mads and his family have choosen to live in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark because they believe location is super important for their everyday life.

Both him and his wife live close to work, so it takes both of them less than 10 minutes to bike to work.

It is beyond crazy to have a car when you live in the middle of a big city, so Mads and his family have of course choosen not to have a car.

Data sources

A big part of Partiv is a mashup of data from for example Open Street Map, Google Places, AirBnb, Teleport and Walkscore.

More and more developers, agents, housing associations etc. are also adding information, pictures and drawings to their properties here on XX.

For developers and agents

If you are building or managing one or more properties, you can easily get extra attention for your properties.

Just send an email here and we will make a free account for you.

When you get your account, you add as much information, pictures and drawings to your properties as you want.

You are also most welcome to send an email if you miss something on Partiv or if you have a good idea.

Pictures and drawings

The pictures and drawings on Partiv come from several different sources. Most are from Google Places and from developers, agents and housing associations. Some are our own pictures and drawings.

Please send us an email if you think we are using pictures or drawings in a way that isn’t allowed. We will then remove them or give you proper credit.

The boring section

You can find our terms and privacy policy here and here.